Challenges and apologies…

Still not online at home…grr

Ok, update on challenges:
Challenge#1 – Been out running with Steve a couple of times over the past week, and will again tonight. Very close to signing up for the Half Marathon – just waiting to get online at home…
Challenge#2 – Made no headway yet (and thanks to Carl, now willing to think about Cyrillic!) but have found out I can get free lessons via iTunes!? Something different to listen to on my way to work in the morning! Wonder if people on the train will mind me practising!
Challenge#3 – Photos – dismal failure – just not carrying my camera around with me, and not content just to use mobile camera! Might have a weekend approach to it!

Apologies are due to all I’ve promised to call – we’ve now got a landline, so have no excuse not to phone, just finding time…which in itself is a poor excuse…

Other than that, life is good – much reading that I want to post about, but not while at work!


3 thoughts on “Challenges and apologies…

  1. Yo Martin

    Just wondering if you had any such thing as an e-mail address… that way I can converse with you in a way other than Blogger comments!

    Have you considered learning latin? Give you a basis to learn many other languages then.

    Ta ta


  2. While Latin is obviously a cool language to learn, I’d just like to implore you not to learn using tapes.

    It’s not (just) linguistic snobbery on my part, I just don’t think you can learn as much that way, without interaction with other people. You’re just learning stock phrases.

    It’d be like doing a ‘teach yourself how to be a Christian minister’ course without bothering with the Bible…

    …but it does depend on why you’re learning a language.

    Here endeth the rant.

  3. Sorry I had to tear my husband away from you on Friday afternoon. Just a minor detail of children to collect from school… Anyway, good to hear from you. Glad you and Kay are well. Will try and keep in touch via your blog.

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