Pilgrim people…

Graeme has hit on a great quote over on his blog. Take a look at this posting on ‘The Pilgrim Church’

I love the whole concept of journey, both individually and corporately. I guess this means trying to figure out how we, as a group of pilgrims, never allow ourselves to settle down, to always be striving towards a greater likeness of the kingdom that Jesus teaches about. I guess this makes it all the more important to figure out what is core to who we are, but what is negotiable. Core things would be beliefs, negotiable would be practices (whether that be worship, or structure etc.)…so while something may appear to work really well (such as a particular style of church gathering) we shouldn’t be afraid to push onwards towards whatever it is that God is saying to his people. The problem here is that people seem to naturally prefer stability to change, indeed probably all of us say that, but true stability should and can only come through relationships, not practices! People will feel welcome at gatherings because of other people, and in many ways will ‘deal’ with things they don’t like so much if the people they meet are the kind of people they want to be around…I think I know what I mean!

I had my first day on the new job yesterday…it was pretty cool – getting to know people, learning a little bit about the place, and all those kinds of things. We also had some fairly decent news about sorting out a house for ourselves, so we’re getting there. Although everything hasn’t been easy and stress free, it has gone, well, I guess the only way I could describe it is ‘well’!

My new work place is the Old Deanery, which is literally opposite the Cathedral in Exeter. It’s a beautiful old building, you know, the kind of place where you feel the history in the air…


One thought on “Pilgrim people…

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the plug and the comment. I’m having a think myself about what you said, but also off the back of something I read yesterday. Some very interesting thoughts are coming out of this quote!

    Hope you settle in well to the new job. We should be in Exeter sometime next August (long way off) so maybe I’ll pop in and we can finally meet in person.

    God bless


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