1 week on…

Well, almost one week…!

People have been incredibly kind and supportive about our decision (my resignation from officership). Interestingly though, I’ve already heard a couple of rumours about why I’ve moved on! Something to do with the Appointments Conference apparently (this is when the Regional Commanders of the Army in the UK gather together to sort out the movements of Officers around the churches). I guess I should have expected some to have gotten the wrong end of the stick!

We’re inching closer the the mortgage thing, although a little bump has emerged…nothing a little bit of lateral thinking hasn’t sorted out. I hope…

The incredible thing is how liberating and affirming this whole time has been. I’ve been telling people that far from being at an emotional, spiritual or physical low we’re really at a bit of an opposite point. Particularly in terms of our spiritual journey. It’s more a sense of excitement, or even expectancy of what God has in store once we’ve made this step. That doesn’t stop it from being scary at times (like sorting out mortgages!), but instead you get this feeling of, well, right-ness…


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