N.T. Wright on Biblical Authority…

Was reading this a couple of days ago and it’s really struck a note (excuse the pun) with me in terms of perhaps how we should view scripture…

‘Sit at a piano, hold down the loud pedal, strike a low note loudly, and listen. You will hear all kinds of higher notes, harmonics, shimmering above the note originally struck. In the same way, the retelling of the story that the bible actually contains is to function as the striking of the low notes, the basic fundamental note of God’s story with his world. As we retell this story there will be harmonics audible, for those, at least, with ears to hear. The problem, of course, is that historical criticism of the Bible has insisted on striking the fundamental notes with the soft pedal on, as though by thus screening out the harmonics it might ensure that the fundamental really made it’s own point – and then Christians have grumbled that such criticism makes the Bible irrelevant.’
(N.T.Wright, How Can the Bible be Authoritative?, Vox Evangelica 21 1991)

Wright is suggesting throughout the article that the dissection of scripture that we can often make, surgically removing ‘fundamentals’ for doctrinal and preaching’s sake is to ignore the role of scripture in delivering a ‘narrative’ – telling God’s story, the story of his people and his story for the hope of humanity. When we grasp the concept of narrative, we can grasp the concept of how God is at work here and now…not just through a tired rule book…

Read the whole article here to get a glimpse of this enlightening approach…


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