Final thoughts on Generous Orthodoxy…

I finally reached the end of the book last week, and have been meaning to write something for a while. It’s been a busy few days, but finally, here I am sitting down to process some lasting thoughts…

A couple of quotes:

Rather than trying to capture timeless truths in objective statements systematized in analytical outlines and recorded in books and institutionalized in schools and denominations, narrative theology embraces, preserves, and reflects on the stories of people and communities involved in the romance of God – always beginning with and always returning to the treasury of stories in Scripture: the good, bad, ugly, and undetermined lives of those who have sought God and found God and lost God and served God and heard and ignored God and opposed God and betrayed God and returned to God and loved God all the more for having been forgiven much. In the process, it seeks to understand the direction and purpose and meaning of the larger narrative (the story of emergence) that these individual stories constitute. (Brian McLaren, a Generous Orthodoxy p289-290)

To be a Christian in a Generously Orthodox way is not to claim to have the truth captured, stuffed, and mounted on the wall. It is rather to be in a loving (ethical) community of people who are seeking the truth (doctrine) on the road of mission (witness) and who have been launched on the quest by Jesus, who, with us, guides us still. Do we have it? Have we taken hold of it? Not fully, not yet, of course not. But we keep seeking. We’re finding enough to keep us going. But we’re not finished. That, to me, is orthodoxy – a way of seeing and seeking, a way of living, a way of thinking and loving and learning that helps what we believe become true over time, more resonant with the infinite glory that is God. (ibid p293)

That for me is the kind of theology I want to do and the kind of Christian I want to be…enough said…


One thought on “Final thoughts on Generous Orthodoxy…

  1. This is one of my next reads after the pile of at least 8 other books I’ve bought and need to read! Your quotes make me want to read it even more.

    The appeal of this type of Christianity is very strong. However, I sometimes wonder whether it is possible to be looking into the distance for something that is in reality not that far from what we already have! Change is so difficult but we need to remember to reflect this type of community to others within our own community of believers rather than seeking it outside and leaving others behind!


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