I have a terrible habit – reading more than one book at once! My parents could never get their head around how I could have more than one book going at any time and still keep a track of them. To be honest, it was and is a way to keep my attention going with a book. If in the middle of reading a book I start to lose interest I put it down and start on something else…

So at the moment, as well as reading the Imitation of Christ as mentioned below I’m also reading:

Romanitas by Sophia McDougall – an interesting if not brilliantly written story about what life would be like now if the Roman Empire was still in existence. Fascinatingly talks about Christianity being destroyed in it’s infancy! Ok, but sometimes hard going…

Fleshmarket Close by Ian Rankin – I’m a big fan of the Rebus series of books – gritty, dark, and something of an anti-hero…cracking read…

Sharpe’s Prey by Bernard Cornwell – I’ve always been fascinated by the Napoleonic Wars and the Sharpe’s series is a great bunch of stories set in this time. Sometimes a little obvious and romantically sloppy, but otherwise a great and easy read. I guess one of my guilty pleasures…

A Generous Orthodoxy… by Brian McLaren – simply one of the best Christian books that I’ve read for ages. I guess this is because it’s ‘outside of the box’ thinking (sorry to use such a twee description) that echoes so much my experience. Helped me to think about where I am at the moment…

Pretty diverse bunch of books going at the moment – but I like the variety. It keeps you from being tied up in one corner, focusing in on one small thing.

Last night we went with friends to a church in the city that we hadn’t been to before – it was pretty good, preach based around Chapters 21-22 of Revelation. Basically, what is heaven/hell, what does it look like and who goes there? John Allen, a regular contributor to Youthwork Magazine was doing the talking – good job all in all. Helpfully he wasn’t polarised towards a specific view, instead equipping his listeners to be able to think through the issues involved. Refreshing not to be yelled at by a preacher for once in a while!

Interesting thought – do I yell at people when I talk, or seek to equip them?


One thought on “Multiple-reads…

  1. I’ve never seen you yell. Maybe look stern once or twice (with lots of effort), but you’ve have always appeared encouraging and when necessary challenging, but not yelling.

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