Blogfast breakage…

Now, I know I didn’t announce I was on a blog fast, but I guess I kind of slipped into. There’s loads of stuff that I’m thinking through at the moment that I can’t really blog on. Some stuff just doesn’t need to be broadcast to the world! Before any of you cast me into the pits of hell and desperation, this is nothing to do with grappling with sin or anything, just thinking some fairly major issues through at the moment.

In the meantime I started reading Brian McLaren’s ‘A Generous Orthodoxy’ (another fine reason to be sent to hell for some!) and have found myself in sympathy for much of what he is saying. I feel more and more that I have to be broad in my understanding of church, to learn from the many different aspects and to seek to understand rather than condem. I was listening to a podcast preach the other day which was basically about the Cross, about the many different facets of it’s message. The preacher talked about how we often focus on just one aspect, like propitiation vs penal substitution, whereas the cross is actually much more than just one theological proposition. His thought was on the whole diamond thing – many faces that bring about an understanding of the beauty of the whole.

So that’s where I am – I’m probably not going to blog much for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll be around. Say hi if you feel like it!


6 thoughts on “Blogfast breakage…

  1. Hi! Thank goodness your alive, I tought somthing had happened to you.

    Why did christianity have to become so complicated? (Just a thought, relating to thoughts, and your commenting on christian ideas, which end up being rather complicated). Somtimes I wonder whether it was just an obsticle put in place by the medeivel church to control the masses. When we read through the new testament (being the new convenant), it is all quite simple really (yes there are one or two complicated ideas, but faith is about excepting them).

    It’s really funny, because I was talking to a group of school mates on friday about faith and christianity (in which some one decided the best way to find if there is God would be to challenge him to set a random leaf on fire, but that’s another story for another day), and someone said “I don’t believe in it all – it’s just far too complicated.” I wonder whether the complications we put in our religion actually turn people away?

    Anyway hope to hear from your cyberworld before too long, its been very quite recently!

  2. Come back Martin – We miss you!!!

    No, to be fair i’ve discovered the joys of having stuff going around in your head which you can’t blog maybe a certain amount of time, or maybe forever. Either way, it’s not easy 😐

  3. u seem to know a lot about this Jesus guy, I am looking for some handy hints of how to track him down and meet him?

    any ideas?

  4. Wouldn’t ever call myself an expert, but I’m on a journey with him.

    As with most journeys, the most important step is the first – by saying you want to track him down and meet him you’re doing the most important thing. Get a copy of the bible and read about his life, his death and his resurrection and then what happened after that (Acts through Revelation) and get yourself to a community of Jesus followers and find out what it means to follow him.

    This isn’t something you can just ‘do’ over the internet…it means stepping out ‘in faith’…

    Hope this helps!

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