In between…

Right now I’m sat down in between two very busy weeks…last week was our national conference for people who work in our regional headquarters. It’s enough to say some of it was ok, some of it great. Particularly spending time with our DYO (regional youth advisor) ‘family’ in all aspects…worship, sessions, curry…what always blows me away is how God is moving in very similar ways through our lives and our ministries. Hallelujah!

I’m about to disappear off now to my study block for the course I’m on. It’s all about ‘Intercultural Issues’ this time…really interested in the stuff about ministering to a post-modern generation. I’m already thinking about my dissertation as it’s not too far away…something about leadership development.

Anyway, that may help to explain the lack of recent content, and also my appalling email answering skills in recent days – our Lotus Notes system doesn’t allow people outside of the organisation know when we’re out of the office…that is if I remember to put it on!!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to theologically reflect we go…!


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