Things on my mind…

Been long term planning thinking today. I like to be well ahead of myself in terms of the themes I’m looking at for the events I’m involved in planning.

Two themes seem to keep coming up:
1) For Youth Councils (our annual regional youth gathering on one day) ‘Revolution’ – perhaps tying in with lyrics to ‘Send the Fire’ and that cool image of Jesus looking like Che…I feel we should be exploring what it means to be a radical revolutionary follower of Christ – no holds barred, dangerous, passionate, willing to give up everything…in other words being like Jesus
2) For SWSCA (our annual youth camp) ‘Holiness’ – pure and simple – holiness as our inspiration, holiness as our guide…holiness in action…the Salvation Army belongs to the holiness tradition (Wesley and the Methodist movement are our spiritual forebearers)…it seems to me that we need to rescue the word from the history books and make it something utterly relevant to our day to day lives as servants of Christ…holiness is not some prosaic wishfulness, but earthy, real…it’s about life lived in fullness, not a shadow…especially important is holiness in life…for too long we’ve focused on the unimportant stuff at the expense of truly understanding what it is to be holy…in relationships, in work, in everything…perhaps it’s time for a new holiness?

It’ll be interesting to see where these themes end up!


5 thoughts on “Things on my mind…

  1. Two fantastic theme ideas!

    Revolution. I cannot remember who it was I was talking to at the end of SWSCA, but i remember saying the I believe we are on the verge of revolution, and I still believe. I don’t know where or when, but I just feel God is saying he has big plans for our region, and he has put the necessary revolutionaries in place. Maybe God is calling on you to kick start the revolution…

    Holiness. Maybe not the most catchy of titles, but the concept for teaching and potential is fantastic. For too long (I feel as a young person) have the youth had the history of holiness, and the demand to follow the ways of holiness at them, but havn’t acctually been told what all this means. After a year when many people have been called back to God, it only seems logical for these people to recieve the relevant discipling in holiness in our everyday lives.

    Just my thoughts as a member of your divisions youth.

  2. Hey Martin
    Don’t know if you have the graphics already but here are some of the Che Jesus and revolution under downloads on our website and i can send you some more.
    thats the theme of our year here.
    Hey is this martin from winton?! this is Lucy (used to be) Read.

  3. Hey Lucy!

    Yep, Martin from Winton…how’s New Zealand life…?

    I was leading a training session with Jo just before the Sunbury leg of your world wide wedding tour so she was updating me on how things were, then saw your oldies at Roots.

    Winton seems like another life ago, eh?

  4. Ben, agree on the holiness thought – I think we’re going be looking long and hard at ‘Christian lifestyle’ in particular…some of the stuff we tapped into on the big panel thing…but not from a fundamentalist ‘this is what you must do’ stance. I really believe our responsibility as individual Christians is to come to an understanding of why something is ‘unChristlike’. Hence why so many churched kids don’t ever really get what the Army says to them as it’s always ‘don’t do’ as opposed to ‘this is why it’s not healthy’…

  5. Hello mate,

    I think Holiness is a popular thing at the moment (well – thinking about it anyway!).

    Did a sermon on holiness recently so this is in my thoughts.

    Few resources for you – probably know them anyway – revolution book, white and court – chapter on wesley (wikipedia on wesley is good too). Article on Rubicon recently on holiness. Also the song “holiness” by daniel beddingfield – a song that I play extremely loud in my car 🙂

    We should catch up soon mate!

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