I have noticed that it’s something of a tradition in blogland to celebrate your 100th post…but as ever the unobservant type I hadn’t noticed my last post was number 100! So this is post 101…

Some less than interesting stats for those who are interested…
I started blogging in February 2004 – so in just over two years I’ve managed about a post a week…
In fact, if you break it down even further that makes 31 months, 124 weeks and 1.24 posts a week…
Can anyone guess that I’m a little bit bored tonight?!?

Seriously though, when I started recording my thoughts I honestly thought I’d give up after a month or so. All other attempts to journal have been dismal failures. Interestingly, this had often left me feeling a spiritual letdown as at every turn I was told that journaling was something every committed Christian should be involved in…

I don’t know what it is about this format, but I’ve felt much more able to record my thoughts here than anywhere else. I’m perhaps more open here than in any other place – and yet this is an incredibly public forum.

Enough introspection for now – it’s enough to say that this has been a great journey for me, and I hope it continues to be. And that I hope to improve my average of weekly posts to perhaps a rather daring 2 or 3!!


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