Just a short note to say SWSCA 06 (our summer camp) is over. An exceptional week was brought to a close with an exceptional final celebration in which our students and staff excelled themselves. It’s no over-exaggeration that I was close to tears with pride at the end – nothing to do with what I do, but all to do with what the students had achieved and experienced throughout the week.

We have a great sense of community at the moment within the division – but it needs to grow! We need to see more of the kids who attend our churches get on board with the programme! Not because I want to see my stuff be really successful, but because we’re seeing something incredible happening with our guys.

Right at the end of the celebration after I did the ‘good night and God bless bit’ I got the everyone together in a big circle and just felt the incredible love they have for each other. I really felt God telling me more than once this week to major on ‘there must be more that this’ – that they’ve had an awesome week, but God has more in store for them than they can ever possibly imagine.

So thanks to SWSCA students, to my beautiful staff team (I know it’s cheesy, but I truly do love you all as brothers and sisters in Christ) for giving me perhaps one of the most remarkable weeks of my life.

And as I said last night – Jesus gets all the glory!!!


2 thoughts on “Phew…

  1. It seems Gods hand was on the week from start to finnish. From the begining of time, not just when you started to mention journeys on your blog.

    God gets all the glory. Amen, and Amen.

    May I ask all the ‘pray-ers’ who read this blog and this comment will pray for we, the youth of ‘the south western division,’ and former students of SWSCA 06. Pray that the community spirit will be upheld, and as I said to the school in testimony (or as I prefer to call it, ‘story’) time, that love will be the banner over all our actions, words, and gatherings, and that people will be attracted by this ‘love.’ That there will be a love so strong, not only for each other, but for the world that we would be kinda like those people Martin blogged about who went with that confessional booth to that music festival, and humbled themselves and didn’t condemn. In words this all sounds easy and sussed, but there will be strains and stress placed on the bounds of love, and in order for any vision to be fulfilled for this group of young people there needs to be love.

    Now I have wrote all that, maybe I should consider a blog…

    God Bless

  2. Your comment in an earlier blog was so true where you said “I’ve got a feeling despite low numbers we’re going to see some incredible things happen this year. I don’t know why. Just feel it.” There were incredible things that happened this year. God showed himself to alot of people, and I think that joining with y4c was a really good way for everyone to feel God’s love. Worshipping with ‘unknown’ people can be hard at some times, but at the praise party, we were all as one. Young christians together for God.

    Praise God

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