SWSCA update…

The journey so far…

Well, we’re having a great time – it’s our final day today, so it’s a case of tidying up the arts side and physically clearing up the campus, before we move across to our final celebration venue in the town centre…

So, what have we been up to: (each day has rehearsals, cell groups, second option studies, free time and various other activities)
Monday – staff team arrived, ate, played around, all the important stuff including playing footie at 1.30am!!

Tuesday – students arrive, staff still playing…! Nah, we took them 10 pin bowling to get them to know each other – really helped the sense of community spirit, although I’m not sure that the alley would have us back again (we’ve used cover names like ‘young Methodists’ etc.!!)

Wednesday – staff still playing…had our first worship time – really powerful – our guys were really passionate about their worship and open to God’s work – real sense of starting our journey…

Thursday – staff still playing…70’s night – I managed to get myself the coolest moustache – I’m sure pictures will soon be available to blackmail me…!

Friday – staff still playing…multi-sensory prayer night – wow…using all our senses to worship God – Sound, listening to offerings from each group; taste, sharing in communion; touch, washing our hands of the dirt of the road; smell, prayers as incense to God; sight, considering the heavens and being ‘lost in wonder, lost in awe’…Holy Spirit moved in big ways…

Saturday – staff very tired but still playing…social action day – litter picked, gardens renovated, dog doo on many a shoe! Great experience for the us all as we sought to show God’s unconditional love for all of creation…followed by a masquerade ball in the evening – great chance to just relax and let off some steam…kids looked great, staff not so!!

Sunday – staff so tired it’s funny…I mean hysterical! more outreach today, doing an open air in the same area we were in on Saturday. Lots of kids around so hopefully something will register…in the evening a great worship time with guys from the local Youth for Christ set up – powerful stuff again – lots of really great commitment made…

And here we are again – at the end – in many ways it’s really sad that the week is over – but I have always wanted this event to be about what happens next. We prayed last night that our guys would be commissioned out into their world to make the world different…

These are just brief thoughts – there’ll be more when my brain really works again…if ever!!!


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