This coming week is our big summer camp – South Western School of Christian Arts (SWSCA!)…a very grand title for what is essentially a gathering of young Christians who come for all kinds of different reasons. For some, it’s a case of spending a week with mates and making some new ones. For some it’s the chance to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. For others it’s all about learning more about music, drama or tekki stuff. For yet others it’s about just getting away from home and seeing some other young Christians for once. For us all, I believe it’s about encountering God in new and powerful ways.

This week is such an important one for me and for everyone who attends. I guess it’s one of the few times I get a chance to develop relationship with the young people I’m here to serve. But it’s important to get carried away and simply focus on this as being the most important thing of the year. In many ways it’s much more important how the kids live when they get home after the event, how their church harnesses the passion and enthusiasm that they inevitably will have developed during the week.

Can I ask you to keep us in your prayers, you who pray…I don’t assume everyone who reads is a pray-er! Pray for every single one of the kids, from places as diverse as Falmouth to Shepton Mallet, from Plymouth to Bristol – so many different stories, so many different situations. Pray that we become a community very quickly – a true Christian community (biblical, not historical!). Pray for Holy Spirit wonders that will blow them away. Pray for the staff and orderly team – 21 very special people who give up a week of their time to serve the kids. May they too be blown away. Pray for all we’ve been led to plan – especially our social action (see a post below) in Taunton. We’re really excited about this, but I know many are really nervous! It’s the first time in doing something this practical for a lot of the team and kids! Pray for me as I seek to lead this event. I’m not into power, but pray that God gives me the necessary authority to do that which he has led me to do. Pray that I don’t fall apart! Pray that God encourages me to get outside of my comfort zone in preaching and leading worship…I want to try things, but so often worry that I’m not good enough (I know we’re never ‘good enough’ – bear with me!).

Anytime you’ve got, just pray! I’ll be gone for the week, but hopefully I’ll be back with plenty of inspiring stories to tell.

2 thoughts on “SWSCA…

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I’m afraid I’m not involved in SWSCA anymore. You need to contact Captain Helen Schofield at The Salvation Army South-Western Divisional Headquarters. Google that and you’ll find it!

      Best wishes,

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