PDP and more…

I’m currently on the last assignment of this academic year for the course I’m working on at the moment. Thing is, it’s probably the toughest as it’s not an ‘academic’ piece, but instead a Personal Development plan…

To the uninitiated this is a plan that covers where I hope to be over the next three years. Great concept, but also kind of abstract when you are a minister and not sure what the next step is going to be. I’ve been thinking laterally on this one, however, and have decided that the best approach is to think about the various different strands of life and how they combine to build a ‘rope’…(bear with me on this metaphor!)…that will guide me. I think I’m going to do strands on My faith, my ongoing learning, officership, family (husband, maybe father…not that there’s any news I’m keeping from you!). I’ll then be able to come up with a vision for each of these areas and development points. In other words, how am I going to be a better Christian, a better learner, a better officer, a better husband…of course through God and in God, but what does that look like in my current situation.

It’s sometimes difficult to step back and analyse where you’ve come from, what’s made you ‘you’. I want to talk to my family to find out what values we were raised with, and how that has affected me to this day. I need to think through what drives me, what it is that “burns me” (paraphrase from a Bill Hybels talk at Leadership Convention).

Enough to say it’s an interesting process of self exploration and prodding that needs to move from being just navel gazing and become action.

One request…I’m going to be ‘off the scene’ for a few days as I need to spend time with my brother. He’s just had some serious bad news so I just need to be there for him. Please pray for me and him – he’s not a believer in any shape, but just pray I don’t mess this up.


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