Quick quote from something I was reading yesterday…

“Every time an organisation ceases to change, it’s because a leader got in the way. Followers never stop an organisation from changing; leaders do”
(John C. Maxwell ‘Reflections on Model the Way’ in Kouzes, James M. and Posner, Barry Z. Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass p43)

Two instant reactions – how true…but what about followers who don’t want to change? Can’t they sabotage the momentum of change by boycotting or by using emotional leverage?

As a leader that’s a challenge to me to make sure that I never think that I must always be the source of change. Ideas can and will come from throughout the group, and as a leader I must always be willing to look out for (even discern) the right direction, along with the rest of the community/group.

Leadership must be willing to listen, to understand why change is at times necessary, that clinging onto the things of the past is not always helpful. I guess that sometimes when facing difficult situations sometimes it’s easier to say ‘things used to be better when we did x and y, so lets go back to that way of doing things’. From everything I’ve been reading, and also firsthand personal experience change is necessarily difficult – but we have to press on – especially if it is something God is leading us into.

Interesting quote though…


One thought on “Change…

  1. The whole issue of the management of change is an interesting one. Far to many ‘Leaders’ are actually ‘Dictators’ and feel that they are the only people who might have the vision for change (or not as the case may be). With regard to those who refuse to change, my experience has been that you press on regardless with the dedicated few. It’s hard work but sooner or later those that refuse will either come with you or leave – either way, a result! Leaders cant have all the answers so I believe our biggest role is to motivate, encourage, discern but above all – listen to our people.

    Another stumbling block to change is the attitude of ‘we’ve tried it before’. I always quote (or misquote) William Booth when he said something like ‘if it works, keep it – if it doesn’t work, try something else’. I always add to the end of that ‘And dont lose heart because it didn’t work’.

    Again, personal experience has taught me that once a group is used to change (positive and negative), it becomes a natural process rather than something to fear. One thing is for certain, we can’t afford to stand still.

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