Sore ribs and more…

I played 5-a-side football tonight, as is my habit virtually every Tuesday at the moment. Great fun, apart from the moment when some great big guy put a knee in my ribs! All accidental but still pretty flipping painful…such are the joys of physical activity…far safer to be a couch potato, I say!

Anyway, on with some thoughts from the last few days worth of reading. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been reading Rob Bells ‘Velvet Elvis’ – very much the trendy book of the moment, but well worth the read. I like Bell’s honesty in encouraging the reader to challenge what he is writing, being aware that many who would read may well struggle theologically and ecclesiastically (their understanding of church – did I make that word up?) with what he has to say. I’m three and a bit ‘movements’ (chapters) in and am really enjoying the thought processes I’m going through as I read. I like a book that challenges me to think about the very core of what I believe in. I don’t like easy solutions. Bell certainly doesn’t provide any of those.

His thoughts on scripture in particular could be seen as being particularly provocative, yet it’s helpful simply for us to understand that God is still speaking today as much as he was in the times the scriptures were collated. Revelation is not a simple subject – but it’s worth getting your head into.

More than anything I think I appreciate reading a Christian writer who’s prepared to acknowledge that he hasn’t got all the answers. That he’s on a journey as much as we are and it’s not simple, abc stuff. That we aren’t in any position ourselves to cast judgement unless we are willing to embrace the real message of Jesus and not something we’ve evolved it to be in the last few centuries.

It’s a great read, if nothing else than the style in which it’s written…just be willing to think through some fairly fundamental (in the non-right wing sense!) facets of our faith from a new and different perspective…more thoughts will follow as I read on…


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