A short break…

Just got back from a week away…Kay was on half-term so I thought I’d grab the chance to spend some time together recharging batteries etc. Started the week off with a weekend in Falmouth leading worship there. Had an interesting Saturday night doing a murder mystery thing…despite having the finger pointed at me by the majority I was indeed innocent! Phew…!

We then took the chance to just hang out, enjoying what turned out to be beautiful weather and nice lazy long lie-ins! Friday night we trekked up to my parents home in Basingstoke, as I was going to a stag event in Norfolk on saturday – nice to catch up with the folks though. Still sane, still wonderful!

The stag was great – we went to Go Ape in Thetford forest – a high wire challenge thingy…suffice to say my arms and back are still hurting even now! Great to catch up with some old friends, though!

Started reading a week or so ago ‘Velvet Elvis’ by Rob Bell – excellent read – I’ve got much I want to post about, but will save that for the rest of the week. Some potentially contentious stuff here, but nothing that goes beyond the ‘heretical’ line as far as I can work out. Interesting how Bell has been slated for his book by the more fundamentalist of our brothers and sisters…

Oh well, good to be back…


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