Environment take 2…

Just saw this on the Christian Aid site…thought it might interest some who were interested in the discussion a couple of posts ago…



One thought on “Environment take 2…

  1. Hi Martin – I think you’re right to say that the DaVinci Code is more an opportunity than a threat. Folk can sniff out bovine dung a mile off (trust me, I live in Cornwall – there’s a place near Truro where the kids shout ‘cows’and we can’t even see any!)
    Anyway – it’s a goodish piece of fiction that happens to open the door for discussion on the person of Jesus.
    And as for your closing comments, I think you’ve hit the gnostic gnail on the head! People have always striven for power and knowledge is power. It’s no wonder some secrets have to be manufactured to keep the illusion going.

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