Cleaning and review…

Two things have connected in a very bizarre yet strangely obvious way today. We’re having a Divisional Review at the moment, where some of the most senior leaders in the UK Salvation Army are in the area checking out how we’re getting on. I spent about half an hour earlier today talking with one of them about how youth ministry is going on here in the South-West. My report was something along the lines of good, but not quite good enough…both for myself and for the outcome of the last couple of years. Review is a great process, simply because you pause for breath and work out how things are really going, rather than just keeping your head down.

As a result of this review we’re having a couple of these folk stay with us tonight. And as we have a less than keen approach to housework I spent the last few days making sure the place looked reasonably habitable! In that process a hold load of useless stuff was chucked out, and a lot of the dark and dingy places we usually manage to ignore have been well and truly cleansed!

My bizarre link is this whole idea of being open to review by God, and being willing to let him clean us up…even in the parts we’d rather keep from his sight.

That’s a huge challenge for me. I more often than not convince myself that everything is fine without really and truly pausing to listen to what God might actually be saying to me. Listening is not always easy in the midst of everything – it’s something I really need to work on.

But there we go – hopefully DHQ will get through it’s review in a positive manner, and our house will be decent enough for people to stay in…


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