Led worship at a Salvation Army church in the region today…been a good one, pretty refreshing. You know those kind of days when you just feel it’s all worthwhile…

Today was Candidates Sunday here in the UK – when we think specifically about the calling to spiritual leadership (i.e. officership) in the Army. I guess we’re supposed to beat the drum big time on this, and hopefully I did encourage people to respond to God’s calling – but more generally than just to officership…although I did talk about it too! How’s about Vocation Sunday instead? Or should that be our everyday message? Encouraging believers to step out in faith and respond to what God’s telling them to do, whatever that might be…

Two themes today…‘if not you, then who’, which was the ‘official’ theme (!), and then thought about freedom tonight. I just love the bit in Galatians 5v1 where we’re told that “Christ has set us free to live a free life” (Message version) – guess that’s a bit of my experience at the moment in so many ways. Freedom from stuff that I’ve been worried about for a while…but freedom to want to serve him wherever that may lead us.

Been a good day…


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