I started reading Court and White’s ‘Revolution’ (see here) last night. So far, from what I’ve read, I’m definitely on track with this line of thought. I’m really interested in the whole idea of revolution as opposed to revival, although I guess both are intertwined in so many ways.

At university I did a degree in Politics and History. In many ways that’s why I am the person that I am today. I went into uni probably as a bit of a neo-conservative – a child of the Thatcher era here in the UK, who had no problem aligning the free-market with my developing Christian understanding. Yet, three years, a whole lote of discourse and plenty of late nights later, I emerged as a neo-marxist…a Christian neo-markist, however. I guess I would have find myself amongst the ranks of the liberation theologians at that stage of life. I’ve mellowed somewhat since then, understanding that although scripture makes it clear that God has a heart for the poor, he has a heart for the lost…no matter how wealthy or not. It’s just as easy for someone in poverty to turn their back on Christ than someone who’s got everything they need.

Anyway, this is all preamble to something I read during those years. As with many student marxists, Che Guevara was a bit of a hero, and I got into his work big time. As I say, I’ve grown from that point, and become more balanced (I tend to empathise with the view that says God is neither left nor right…he’s God!), but one quote stuck with me from those days. Guevara was a fan of the idea of permanent revolution – that the socialist revolution must never be allowed to settle down (many would say this is exactly what happened in Russia and China, hence the dictatorial rule of the many by the few), and that the people must always be pushing onto a better future.

I think that sits fairly comfortably with us, if we can change the context to faith from politics. I want to be in a permanent state of revolution. Desperate to be what God wants me to be, longing not to cool down, but to push onwards. This is kingdom living, this is mission focused stuff. The thing that drives believers to do incredible things in faith. We long to see our world ‘permanently revolutionised’ – never settling for the easy route when God calls us onto something so much better. Revolution, redemption, restoration…?

Does this make me a radical? I don’t know. I just feel that if it’s revolution we’re looking for…then it’s revolution that’s coming…and nowadays I’m not modeling myself on historical characters (such as Che, or even early Salvos) but trying to model myself on Christ…trying…!


One thought on “Revolution…

  1. Martin

    Interesting to see how you have developed over the years. I too would put myself firmly on the Christian left, although without a lot of the liberal tendancies that often are associated with it!

    I thought you might be interested in something I’ve been reading, especially off the back of your previous liberation views. I’ve been reading a lecture given by Robert Schreiter that talks about Reconciliation as being the new paradigm of mission. You can find it here


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