Authentic community…

I’ve just read this…

‘Dallas Willard states, ‘The aim of God in history is the creation of an all-inclusive community of loving persons, with Himself included in that community as it’s prime sustainer and most glorious inhabitant’. Such a community lives under the immediate and total authority of the Holy Spirit. They are a people blinded to all other loyalties by the splendour of God, a compassionate community embodying the law of love as seen in Jesus Christ. The are an obedient army of the Lamb of God living out the Spiritual Disciplines, a community in the process of total transformation from the inside out, a people determined to live out the demands of the gospel in a secular world. They are tenderly aggressive, meekly powerful, suffering, and overcoming. Such a community cast in a rare and apostolic mould constitutes a new gathering of the people of God. May almighty God continue to gather such people in our day.’
(Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline)

Pretty much says it all for me…interesting how he talks about ‘tenderly aggressive’…


3 thoughts on “Authentic community…

  1. Thanks for the quote

    tenderly aggressive christianity…! made me smile given the debate that has been floating around.

  2. Well put. Of course being a church (world) filled with sinful people I wouldn’t expect to see many churches looking like that in the next few years. But it is definitly something we need to work towards until God brings about a new world.


  3. What did I tell you? Total transformation from the inside-out! Why do people argue over all the outside-in stuff when it has no effect on the sinful nature? Sing what you want, act on your devotion to God in the way you were designed for – if it’s welling up from the inner source of life-transforming living water, then who can condemn you?
    Good fruits come from good roots.

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