Youth Councils v2…

Well, just had Youth Councils, our annual gathering of all of the Salvation Army youth members in the South-Western part of the UK. All in all we had a great day, with some real highlights. There’s so much to be really excited about, I just feel so privileged to be part of it all.

Privileged because God is clearly working in this group of young people at this time. Our speaker for the day was Phil Ball, a guy who works for ALOVEuk, and who is clearly spirit-filled. God spoke so clearly through him – our theme was ‘identity’…as in finding ourselves in Christ, accepting that we are called and chosen by him to be part of his incredible plan for the world.

Privileged because I get to see guys that I’m working really closely with step forward and be counted. Guys who are so much more gifted than me being released to do what God is calling them to be.

Privileged because our kids are really getting what it means to worship. It doesn’t matter what the style was (we used our youth brass band in the first session, who did a great job, and a guitar led group in the second) they just want to sing out to God. Wow.

Privileged because I feel a real sense of expectancy whenever this group gets together…such growth, such depth, such willingness.

If I ever forget why I love what I do, remind me about today!

Phil used a great quote today which said something along the lines of this being a generation that God has raised for this time to do incredible things. That’s why I’m privileged.

God hasn’t finished with the Salvation Army in the South-West. We’re not dead, not nearly…

Right at the end of this post I simply want to say thank you to God…to him goes the glory and the honour.


2 thoughts on “Youth Councils v2…

  1. I also just finished a powerful spirit filled weekend on this side of the Atlantic. Although the focus of the weekend was on brainstorming new ideas for the youth work in this country (Innovare2006), in the evening we shared some powerful times of worship, with prayer stations set up throughout the building. Amen to God’s never ending love for us. We shared stories about God’s work across this country. And you are so right in saying God is not done with us. Amazing things are happening, and on the verge of happening.


  2. Having a vested interest, it’s great to hear (or read) you say (or write) that the kids are really getting what it means to worship.I’ve been noticing that God’s intention seems to be that true worship is a key method He uses to reach the lost – especially when we worship as a community in mutual submission.
    I predict that, in your next blog, you will mention something about people being transformed from the inside out…. the only way true worship is born.

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