Been doing a lot of thinking on Vision lately…it’s one of the things we’ve been looking at on the course I’m doing on Leadership and Applied Theology. Really interesting to explore this area and actually think about what it is that drives me, what it is that my values are. We were reflecting in the groups we were in how the strangest things from childhood can affect the way we are today…some call them life commandments. I was blessed to be brought up by a family that valued love, patience, but also passion about whatever we were engaged in. I can’t say I model it myself all the time, but the idea of giving 100% no matter what you’re doing is something deep within me.

I want to really sort this out – I’ve had enough recently of kinda pottering about, doing what I need to to get things done. Where is my passion? We’re really exploring the potential of ‘practitioner’ work (ie I ‘do’ youthwork at a local corps) and it feels like this is something I could be very passionate about.

I’m also passionate about being a ‘Salvationist’, whatever that means! Although I’m getting more of a vision for this. But how does this affect everything that I do…and I mean everything! Perhaps this is where I need to spend some time reflecting.

One thought on “Vision…

  1. this comment is more intended for your post on emergent army, but I wanted to make sure you got the comment, so here goes…

    can you take a look at this blog and offer your comments? I love what you said in your emergent army post (as well as the comments by Steve and others) and I think other people in this conversation would benefit from your input.


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