…for the length of time it’s taken to write something. Although not sure if anyone is looking anyway!

Just come back from a regional training/retreat event for Salvation Army ministers down here in the South-West. Great training, and great company for the retreat. Really interesting to note how much more settled I felt at this years event than last year. We received some excellent insights – “leadership is about lifting your head” – I love that idea of looking around at what’s going on and what’s needed, rather than been trapped into the rut with our heads firmly down. I may have used this analogy before, but it’s a bit like when I go running, rather than keeping my head down, focusing on the next step, I like to look ahead and set markers. Sometimes I need to look down to just keep going, but a greater sense of purpose comes from seeing the goal.

Interesting dialogue about whether officers were trained to be leaders in the past – it would seem our generation believe passionately that we’re called to be spiritual (servant hearted!) leaders, not willing to be the dogsbody simply because of expectations. Another great idea was about “having a bigger yes” – in terms of knowing what is most important so we can no to the things that get in the way. Could write a lot about The Salvation Army and mission there!!

Leading a team meeting for our summer camp this weekend – a real privilege to be with such a committed group of people who love our young people passionately. I really sense we’re going to have a good one again this year.

May try and blog some thoughts about the election for The Salvation Army’s international leadership at some point this weekend…

One final thought…a couple of people really encouraged me this week with words that are best summed up by 1 Timothy 4:12. If you’re in a position where you’ve got loads of older, more experienced people who may from time to time think you’re too young for your job – remember God has called you.

You are his choice for what you’re doing.

He wants you.

No-one else.

Come on….! (24-7 Pete Greig stylee!)

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