The story so far…

So, we managed to survive Christmas and New Year – wow! For the first time in a long time Christmas was relatively stress free for us. It was really great! Good heap of time off, quality time spent together and with family – without us having to do the annual trek around the south of the UK.

Back to work now…and what a joy, eh? Oh well, better than doing nothing, so they tell me. In this regional role this is a time for planning towards the major milestones of this year – a regional youth gathering (called ‘Identity’ this year) and summer residential week (going with ‘Journey’ for this). Funny how quickly they’ll come and then go again…your year disappears before you know what’s happened.

What am I hoping for this year? There’s a number of things I’d like to see happen – some I can mention, some I can’t yet. I guess the most obvious would be the desire to be used by God in whatever He directs me to, and to continue to see really exciting thing happening in the lives of the youth of this area. I hope to get some good reading done, challenging stuff from all over the place (any recommendations?!) and perhaps see a few new places as well. Not much to ask for I guess…


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