Simplicity and solitude…

Still on this Celebration of Discipline journey…hobbling along! Last week the focus was on simplicity…challenging to a gadget geek…and this week on solitude…being something of a loner not so bad! I think I’m one of those people who quite enjoy some space on my own – that’s not to say I don’t love every minute I’m with my wife, in fact, I can’t find enough!

So the thing with simplicity was a challenge to think and live simply, i.e. not beyond our resources. Valuing what God has given us rather than lusting after the latest, well, everything! I guess as a Salvation Army officer pretty much everything would be beyond my means, but the single spouse (I’m married to a normal human! see note!) thing means we’re not the average Army couple. We’ve got to think about everything we do and not take the ‘now’ for granted.

In terms of solitude, I’ve been working really hard to find some space in the day when I can just sit down and think some. Like I said, the chances Kay and I get to sit down together are limited by different careers (like most married people!) so I didn’t want to cut back on that. So, instead, the first waking hour of the day is spent on my own, in the front room with the fire on, chilling out, trying to listen to God. It’s still too easy to want to fill the silence with music, or words, or something… Still thinking through the emergent stuff…see the comment in reply to Stephen on my last blog.

Up until just a few years ago Salvation Army officers were only allowed to marry other Salvation Army officers (obviously of the opposite sex!). Rule was changed (praise the Lord!) not so long ago, and there’s about 45 of us single spouses (weird name, but that’s the Sally Army for you!).


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