Well, 5 days into the new model me in the mornings and still going strong. More so I’ve been really able to get into the focusing on the bible thing. Spent the week looking at Matthew 6verses25-34. Been a real insight for me. On the surface this is all about the relying on God thing, but I’ve really felt him leading me into other areas. Realising that much of what I think I want is really what the world tells me is cool (ipod!), that it is more about inner depth, that to give is to really understand how blessed we are, that God’s provision is absolutely promised, and must be well stewarded (by that, I don’t meant saved, but given lavishly when necessary). So many insights. I wonder if this is something that I can build into my daily routine.

I still find my mind wants to race away and think about everything – about the day ahead, about that issue I’m working through at the moment at work, about the football last night, about the price of fuel! But God is granting me the focus I need for just long enough to know that I’m getting the point!!

I hope this journey continues to be as challenging as this – I chose the word challenging because I know it will be difficult at times to keep disciplined…


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