The last couple of mornings I’ve been working on my new disciplined start to the day. I realised I was struggling to find time to focus on God, so decided I was going to make time by stopping being so lazy in the morning.

Basically this started with a blog a week or so ago where I was talking about how I’m really struggling to spend quality personal time with God. Busy-ness was getting in the way. Since then, I’ve made a bit of an accountability pact with Chris (http://blog.councilofwar.co.uk/chris/) to read Richard Foster’s ‘Celebration of Discipline’ – an awesome book full of practical and spiritual advice on how to focus on God. Basically, we’ve agreed to work through the book together, a discipline per week, and seek to hold each other accountable, sharing stuff that is going on.

So far so good – I’ve never been good at meditating, but this morning it seemed to really work – a time of real focus on Matt 6v25-34 – spoke really deeply to me about some really mundane but important stuff. Decided to try and keep a journal too. I am already beginning to feel the benefits of making this time. Pray for me that I’ll keep disciplined!


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