One day on…

Okay, so nothing new really. Although I did find something linked thru the 24-7 website that seemed to touch a nerve. Perhaps if I describe what kind of encounter with God I’m looking for on a daily basis that will begin to help me to diagnose what I’m looking for.

I want to spend time listening. So much of what I’ve done over the last few years has been about studying scripture, about reading, and then talking to God…doing the whole prayer shopping list thing. I want to move on from this. I love the idea of ‘Practicing the Presence of God’…Brother Lawrence seems to have nailed it on the head…but I’ve never been good at just stopping. Perhaps I need to wait on God, just keep my mouth shut. He knows what’s on my mind. He knows what I’m struggling with. I don’t suppose I always need to verbalise this. I just know I need to wait and see.

Perhaps in seeking to disciple our kids we’ve adopted a whole sequential, ABC plot…”it’s easy…this is all you need to do to encounter Christ”…when actually it’s much more complicated than that. And how am I supposed to help others to drink when the well is running dry within? I guess this is where we need to rethink our mistaken theology that the minister must always be on the hotline to God…we’re as much on a journey as anyone else. Indeed we’re just like everyone else. Just because I get paid to do this doesn’t mean I’m anymore a minister than any other believer.

Anyway, just some thoughts…


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