Keep on learning…

Just about to start on a Masters in Applied Theology and Christian Leadership…bit worried to be honest as I’m beginning to realise this is a grown up thing to be doing. Still, it feels like it’s something I’m being led into, as well as taking advantage of the position I’m in at the moment.

To be honest, the chance to do some theology academically for the first time is really exciting, as long as it’s mission centric…I read an article for this study block that talked about theology being either mission driven or doctrine defined. I think I lean to the former rather than latter. Surely as we live out what God is calling us to we begin to understand something new about the God we serve, seeing how he works etc…hence being able to develop a theology…whilst being purely defined by doctrine (ie what we already know) is kinda keeping God tied up in a box. What about those great moments in scripture where God changes direction? Like the Acts 10 shift towards acceptance of the gentiles into the church?

Like I said, I’m scared, but kinda looking forward to it! Pray for me that I may grow, whilst keeping my feet firmly looked here on earth!

In the meantime – a quote I found useful when first introduced to it by a mate on my year out: “never become learned (learn-ed!), keep on learning”


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