Letting others do the hard work…

Yesterday we were at a Salvation Army church in the north of the region that I cover – great day. Best part of it was that I was only responsible for the preach in the morning and leading the worship in the evening! I could do with more Sundays like that! Basically, the main reason it was that simple is that we decided to work closely with the youth group in ‘creating’ the worship for the day – that meant contributions from the youth band (brass), youth choir, worship group and dance group in the morning service, and by the choir, worship group and dance group in the evening. 4 of the youth from the church spoke in the morning about their understanding of the 10 commandments (our subject for the day), and then in the evening service we did a discussion group thing where everybody was encouraged to sit in small groups and work together for a little while on various questions on the ’10’ that I was throwing out.

The main thing that I’m reflecting on is that this is the first time that I’ve gone down the ’empowerment’ route when it comes to leading worship – i.e. not doing everything myself. The basic subject was decided on by the youth group (they’d been studying it for a few weeks), and the programme and songs were all picked by young people. Yes, there were some shaky moments, but all in all they did a great job. The church in question has got a great and large group of very gifted young people – so will this model always work? It’s something that I want to work on…more so, will it work if they want to try something that I’m not so keen on? Hmmm…

Having said that, I really enjoyed the ‘team’ approach to planning the day that we used – sometimes all the responsibility falling on one person’s shoulders can be too much – the more people involved, potentially the more messy, but more importantly the more reflective of the congregation it is – the more people learning how to plan and lead worship…pretty good outcomes I think.

And for once I didn’t get back home exhausted…


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