It feels like an eternity since I’ve actually sat down and written something here. Life has passed by far too quickly for my liking! The worst part of it is, as I’ve mentioned before, that I don’t seem to ever get a chance to reflect on what I’m doing.

Recently, the major things that have been going round my head are the importance of discipleship, and how we view worship.

Firstly, the discipleship bit – last week I was involved in some training with a guy called Bryn Hughes – all about mentoring. He made some excellent points, many of which have really impacted me and my perception of developing young leaders. It’s important for me to hear the validation of the principle of working closely with a small group, who themselves work with small groups…so on…the idea based around Jesus’ focus on Peter, and then James and John, then the 12, then the 72, with slightly lower levels of intimacy as we go on. I’m not saying that Jesus was exclusive – he was totally available to whoever needed him, but he knew that he had to invest his best ‘stuff’ in a small group for real change to happen. Another key point was this whole concept that how can those doing the discipling (church leaders etc.) do it without first being discipled themselves. Challenging thought in the middle of all the busy-ness of life. When do we stop and spend time with a mentor going through what is going on with God in our lives?

Worship…well, been there, talked about this so many times! But what I’m coming back to at the moment is that so often we seem to think about worship from our perspective, as in what we like and somewhat grandly assume that God sits in our camp. I’m thinking more and more that God doesn’t give a stuff what it sounds like, as long as we’re doing it with a pure heart and a humble spirit. Even more disturbing is when we say ‘well, if they want that style of worship they should go somewhere else’…what if this is the ‘somewhere’ that God has directed them with all the gifts he’s given them and all the work he wants to do in their life? How arrogant of us to say, basically, that we don’t want their type here? What about church being all about community…more than just a club for the select few that like doing what we do? I was at a meeting yesterday where I was hearing about a group of young people working in a fairly trad. Army setting have been fully participant in the worship services despite the fact it wasn’t the scene they were into. Having a humble heart and worshipping to any style is something all of us could learn from.

Enough ranting!


One thought on “Thoughts…

  1. Great thoughts on worship Martin – thanks! I agree with you that it’s not about style, it’s about attitude… or to be more exact (and to quote a song), “it’s all about you, Jesus”.

    Write more often! I enjoy “hearing” your thoughts!!

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