15,000 miles…

It’s been another busy week or so since my last blog…and since I’ve been reminded that I should be writing on here more often (thanks Pete and Andrew!) I thought I could come up with something!

What have I been up to since last time? Travelling, travelling, meetings, meetings…I can’t believe I’ve done 15k miles in just under 9 months…the question is how ‘valuable’ have those miles been in being effective in my role but more importantly effective in ministry. I’ve seen so much, met so many people, learnt so many things…

Sunday just gone I led worship with Kay and preached at our local church. It wasn’t the easiest ‘leads’ I’ve experienced there…a few regulars missing, kids being a bit chaotic, old man falling asleep during the preach! I felt that God was pushing me in the direction of holiness – boy, what a topic…how do we get across to people desperate for grace that God expects something in return – a life of obedience, self sacrifice etc. I know for us Christians it’s something we are more than familiar with, but talk about holiness with the ‘unchurched’ and they’re thinking about the Pope or something…It’s like the quote from ‘Spiderman’ isn’t it…”with great power comes great responsibility”. With the gift of grace comes a great responsibility to allow ourselves to be ‘God-shaped’, to allow the King of the universe to mold us into the fullness of who he wants us to be. And what about a holiness that is about engaging with the world, not cutting ourselves of from it like the early church fathers who wandered off into the desert to find God, and the monastic orders who isolated themselves from the ‘evil’ world to create ‘Godly’ community? Mission is my heartbeat…I find myself intrigued by this idea that we are drawn up towards God, made holy, yet still expected to be able to interact with a corrupt world. God’s holiness therefore being more about a deeper passion within for serving him. Not about making ourselves better just to make sure we’re on the right side of the great cut on judgement day…surely holiness must be about more than this selfishness? The closer we get to God the more like him, the more we share his passion for the redemption of the world, the more we want to give our lives that others may live?

I managed to make my way into chapter 2 of the Cost of Discipleship…woo hoo! And reading ‘Soul Tsunami’ by Leonard Sweet as well. Favourite bit at the moment from the latter is the discussion about whether ‘Christianity’ (as in the ‘brand’) has been so besmirched by what the church has done over the past 2 millennia, that it would be better to introduce ourselves to the unchurched as ‘disciples of Jesus’ than ‘Christians’ – at least they might then listen to us rather than just make their excuses and disappear!

Just some thoughts…

2 thoughts on “15,000 miles…

  1. Well done ….. back on line , what a ministry we have when we are preaching to the disruptive children, the tired elderly ! teh folk that don’t want change at any cost …………….. wow I wonder if Jesus had these problems as He preached in His day !!!!!
    We’re in good company buddy!!
    God Bless ………. glad we got you going again!

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