It’s another manic Monday, as the infamous Bangles once sagely remarked…

Another week has passed without having much time to be able to sit down and process some of my thoughts. It’s been busy, very busy. Too busy. But worryingly, I have to wonder about what I have to show for the business. I’m going to spend some time this week thinking about managing time and making best use of it. Mostly the time when I’m not working…coz half the time I lack energy to be able to do something. So much I want to do – spend quality time with Kay, read books, play playstation (yes, I am 26!), get fit, talk to my family and friends. Develop the relationships that I talked about the last time that I wrote. Ask me at some point how thinking about all this went. I could do with being held accountable!

Led worship and preached at a church up in the Northern end of the region – great morning which I really enjoyed. Simple prayer is that God used the stuff I brought. It was good to minister to a bunch of people who seemed to be hungry and expectant. Spent some good time with the officers there too, good people – passionate about God, and passionate about being salvationists. From there went to meet up with the guys who are effectively our pastors now. Really good just to talk about God stuff and how we can get involved in the church.

Thought for today – it’s not about the ‘how’, but about the ‘why’…particularly in reference to the worship and form questions that often come up when Salvos get talking! What motivates us in worship – being trendy? Being ‘culturally relevant’, whatever that may be? Or coming before God to praise and worship him (in any fashion!), living lives that glorify him, ‘whole life worship’. What we wear or how we live…I think the latter. And more importantly, why we choose to live that way. As Jesus once said, it’s all about ‘loving the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul…and loving your neighbour as you love yourself’ – everything else fits into that.


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  1. I was just thinking about this on Sunday morning, as I sat in a large congregation that was vibrant and alive. I thought WOW this is it, this it was it is really about. Then I started to think but what happens after Sunday morning, where do these people go and what do they do to impact their community, to help others to change their lives?

    Something to ponder about isnt it. Is worship just an event or a whole of life act where we do live each moment worshipping and living for God.

    Thanks for your thoughts its helpful.


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