Over recent days I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of justice. You may have picked that up in my rambling (and ranting) about the message the Old Testament prophets brought. It’s not that I’ve particularly got any issues in my life where I’m being treated unjustly. Could it be more about the fact that I’m from a nice middle class background, well educated (ermmmm) and fairly articulate? It seems that all the loudest revolutionaries keep a similar background securely locked away in their closets! Or is it that God has burnt an impression on my heart so deep of the love that he has for the oppressed that we must seek to display in all we do. I’m not always sure – the patronisation of the poor by those with greater resources is a common theme throughout history – call it a real concern for the welfare of the poor or simply conscience!

Campaigning for better conditions for everyone in society, not just the poor, is something that we are called to do by God, not simply to see our churches grow, but to bring about the kind of society that God envisaged. Radical, sometimes subversive yet always with the love of God in our hearts. But then, that is the Jesus that I read about in the New Testament. This may be more of a social gospel than many are comfortable with, as I’ve learnt in recent days whilst reading some interesting points of view from the fundamentalist right in America. Maybe I am too much of a socialist for my own good!

One thing that I read from a extremely revolutionary source a little while ago had really stuck with me. Che Guevera, that icon of students the world over and the bogeyman of the west for so long, once described his dream as achieving ‘permanent revolution’. Now, in his context he was talking about the never letting the socialist revolution to settle, to become stale – basically what happened in all of the Communist states pretty soon after the overthrow of the regime. However, it’s made me think about my relationship with God in a new way. What God is seeking in me is a ‘permanent revolution’, where I am permanently striving for the best in my life that he demands, never settling for what is comfortable or second best. The pursuit of a relationship with God that never becomes stale is one that I hope I never give up on.

Any thoughts?


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