Deep breath….and relax!

What a few days…been none stop since Friday! Helped the Kids ministry bit on saturday with their fun day down in Cornwall. Great fun! Reminded me of how much I’m not cut out for kids work! Still, it’s good to see them all having so much fun while getting to know more about God.

Sunday was barmy too…preaching at the church we attend in the morning, which seemed to go ok. Kay and I led the worship at the end together, which was the first time we’ve ever done that in public! It was so fulfilling to be able to minister with my wife. I really pray that it becomes something that we can do a lot more of. Then down to another church in the same city(ish) where I did an epilogue for their harvest songs of praise event. Followed by an hour or so discussion with the youth group about what they want to see happen.

As for yesterday…a whole day in Bristol seeing several different expressions of SA which are doing incredible things. Some exciting developments could be afoot! Day ended with a superb youth band practice…who would think I would find myself out of retirement as the worst flugel player in the west!

The lesson from all of this? God is doing some incredible stuff across our division. Kids full of passion for worshipping Jesus. People hungry for God’s word in their life. Praise and worship for all God is doing. A youth group desperate to work out their vision and God’s plan for them. The Salvation Army still radical and relevant in a deeply hurting community. Much to rejoice about…I can hardly keep myself from singing…and maybe a quick glory march:)

Some words of scripture that have been working deep in me recently: ‘But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do,what GOD is looking for in men and women.It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,be compassionate and loyal in your love,And don’t take yourself too seriously–take God seriously’. Micah, 6v8 (Msg)…sounds like a plan for living to me. Whatever is going on in my life, God’s place at the centre has to be utterly confirmed. Seriousness…what does that mean? Being ready to ‘live or die for Christ’ as Evangeline Booth once put it? I think so.


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  1. Like the Micah quote – I’ll be nicking that!! Also like the incarnational flugel playing!!!

    Have you worked out how to post images yet?

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