Another day, another pile of paper pushed. It sounds so exciting doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I get real job satisfaction beyond anything else I’ve ever done. It’s just that I wish I could spend more time out there doing what mission is about for me. Today I spent an hour and a half discussing the best administrative system for how our office deals with Criminal Record Bureau forms. Lots of fun!

Other than that, I’ve been thinking about strategy today, about how I meet the needs of the couple of hundred thousand people between the ages of 12-25 that the South-West Division covers. Thing is, I know it’s all about how God meets their needs, working in and through people like me. But it doesn’t stop it from being flippin’ scary.

My vision? To see a radicalized, fervent generation of young people released into mission in their communities, living lives of faith that just shine so that there’s no foothold for darkness. How do we do that? Disciple, take risks, get dangerous. Let go of the things we hold sacred, and focus on the stuff God focuses on. No gimmicks, no slick plans. A guy who used to teach me at Ministry Training College always used to talk about ‘no strings attached grace’. Just doing what we do coz people deserve to be treated well. It’s not always easy to do this though.

I’ve found it frustrating lately that our church has given up on a whole load of guys who haven’t bought into our specific rules and regulations, and because they’ve not been effectively discipled, they’ve gone. I guess people like my brother. How do we get them back when they’ve totally given up on God and his representatives. Or is God still working in their lives even though we’ve screwed up? I think so. But then what do I know?


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  1. Watch out for guys teaching at Ministry Training College’s! They’re trouble!!

    Good to see you blogging regularly – well two days on a trot!! (that should keep you going for a couple of months/years!!)

    Good to hear from you!

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