Ok, so I’m getting worse at doing this. It wouldn’t matter if I made a news years resolution to be honest…I’d still forget. So much to do, so tired at the end of the day!

The update…now married, now DYO (Divisional Youth Officer)…happy beyond my wildest dreams in both aspects. Wedding was awesome…so God blessed. Honeymoon in Hawaii rocked! And then back into the Divisional Summer School…woh! God is good…life changing stuff witnessed…real growth…incredible testimony. Gave me so much to think about for the future and get excited about the youth we’ve got.

So, recently, I’ve been working towards developing a strategy, while trying to get out and meet as many people as possible. Gotta pick a new Youth brass band leader, advise 50 odd centres on youthwork and ministry….and I’m getting there. I’ve found it’s easier to think in small chunks…what’s the next step? That comes from a session at a conference I was at last week. This guy who walked to the North Pole in about the hardest way possible said how he broke down what seemed impossible into little possible chunks…and he got there…despite bumps that came up along the way. A real lesson there.

Where do I start? Relationships. Simple really. I need to get to know the people, their heartbeat, and then start thinking about what I can do to be part of God’s kingdom here. Woh. I love my job…

My wife (that sounds really good!)is doing well…started her new job as a teacher, and is really being a huge beacon of light…although she’ll never admit it! She’s even already involved in a lunchtime prayer meeting every week! So we’re getting to build friendships with non-christians! A first for me for I don’t know how long! She’s lying in bed now while I type this…I’m not sleeping so well…too much to think about…but…life is good!

Note to self…don’t write so much…write little but write often! Even at work??


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