I’m not too good at this whole blogging regularly thing! This is my third blog in about that many months. Maybe I’ve now moved down here to Exeter I’ll get better at doing it while I sit around with little to do at home.

So much has happened since the last time that I wrote. I’m now commissioned (ordained) as a Salvation Army officer, and moved into my lovely four bedroomed house in Exeter. I start my job as a Regional Youth Officer for the Southwest of England in a couple of days time and am a little nervous about that!

Getting ordained was incredible. The week before we had our ‘Covenant Day’ which is all about recommitting ourselves to what officership is all about. That wasn’t too much of a problem for me, as I’ve been sold on Officership since I was 18. However, the act of commissioning was something else. Emotions of fulfillment, of rightness swept through me. Praying with Kay during the time of dedication was pretty special.

Now I’m facing my new ‘job’ – although I guess one would call it a new life really! A new home (which involves all sorts of complications like which utilities providers to go for and where to put a piece of furniture!), a new role, a new marriage in just 6 weeks! Woh!

I’m still convinced this is where God wants me. Utterly sure of my calling and totally dependent on Him. And working out what my personal mission is here after all. I will report back!

So long for now!


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