Ok, so it looks like its been ages since I last blogged, and well, I guess it has been! But that’s mainly coz I hadn’t worked out how to publish what I’d written. That is sorted now, thanks to some wise advice (cheers GC!).

What have I been up to? Well, just college stuff really – for the uninitiated that means training to become a minister within The Salvation Army. It’s been a crazy hectic month so far, but is beginning to ease off now. Also been planning wedding stuff – just about got everything in place now, just the small issue of paying for it! Oh well!

The thing that’s struck me over this last month is how holistic our mission is to be. I worked with a group on a presentation about Trade Justice, and really got caught up in the justice that God demands for his people. The challenge to us believers is to make sure every single decision that we make is taken from a God perspective…whether that be about buying fairtrade products, recycling to make better use of the natural resources God has given us. It’s not just about Sunday religion, but about a faith that affects everything we’re involved in.

This week I’m on Hospital Placement – pretending to be a chaplain for the week! To be honest it’s something that I’ve been dreading..I don’t really have a pastoral heart, despite being called into full-time ministry! But it was ok this morning, saw a dead body, observed a gifted chaplain at work…got over some of my fears. I’ve been praying into this one, and God is giving me what I need to get through this week.

Well, I’m going to try to write a bit more often now, so hopefully they won’t be so long in the future!


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